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Crypto Earning

Learn how to earn passive income with cryptocurrency. I teach you how to stake, farm and many other tips on making passive income.

Amazon FBA

The FBA guides section helps you get started on how to earn money using one of the largest platforms in the world.

Afilliate marketing

Learn how to earn money online using affiliate marketing. Know which platforms to use and which pay the highest commissions.


Learn how create, launch and monetize your blog. I run a small web design company. I share some of the best tips and tricks.

My name is Tate. I have been on the road for the better part of my adult life. I started in South Korea in 2009 as an English Teacher. This blog tracks that journey, and how I fund my travels outside of teaching.

I travel the world while earning mostly passive income ESL-teaching, Web Design, crypto, e-books, blogging & Amazon FBA


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