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    10 Creative investment ideas even teachers make money on

    In the current economic climate that we are in, it is not enough to rely only on your salary. We have to learn how to take the money that you have earned and make it work for you. You don’t have to be a genius to make money online, you just have to think of creative investment ideas and the ones listed below are a good start.

    There are many investment platforms that you could utilize but oftentimes, it is either we are not aware of these investment platforms or we fail to utilize the opportunities around us when they present themselves.

    In this article, I would like to educate you on simple investment opportunities that you can use to build wealth so that when you do decide to retire, you have enough resources to support and sustain you.

    1. Index Funds, Stocks & Options

    Index funds, stocks and options are a way to start making money in the stock market. You can invest little by little if you do not have lump sums of money. And this makes sense for teachers because most teachers earn a modest salary.

    Just because your salary is not that high doesn’t mean that you cannot get to partake in the money action like the big guys.

    You can invest your spare change with sites and apps like Acorns. Since you cannot buy direct into a company, stockbrokers serve as a median for purchasing securities of a publicly traded company.

    That’s why it’s good to have a brokerage account so that you can tap into this lucrative side hustle. If one is just starting out then Robinhood is a decent enough broker. And as you learn more then move to the even better interactive brokers. I use all three of these services and I love them.

    Use your money wisely by taking advantage of them. It is easy to use, doesn’t require a large capital and can quickly add up to a reasonable amount of money over time. But here are 5 rules I always give my friends who want to get into trading:

     1. Take 10% to 20% profit per trade

    2. Cut losses when a trade goes wrong as soon as possible

    3. Keep emotion out of it.

    4. Try not to hold positions overnight unless special situations.

    5. Do your research and trade market direction. 

    The rules are different when it comes to investing. Since you are going for the long term, only rule 5 applies when investing for the long term. But let’s move on to other methods you can make money online.

    crypto currency

    2. Cryptocurrency

    Crypto currency is a virtual or digital currency that is not controlled by any central body. It is one of the most secure kinds of currencies in the world, that is it is not regulated by any individual or organization.

    By trading in cryptocurrencies, you are able to boost your investment over a short period of time. It doesn’t really require extensive work on your part so you don’t have to worry about giving up teaching time to focus on crypto.

    The volatility and price movement makes it an attractive investment because you can turn a profit fast if you study the market.

    It’s easy to get started in crypto. Robinhood allows you to buy some of the currencies on its platform. They currently support bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, litecoin and a few others. I use Coinmarketcap to see all of them.

    You can buy, loan and reinvest cryptocurrency with Binance. But if order to buy crypto, you wan to do your research first. And the best site out there for screeners, ratings, and so much information on crypto that your head will spin is Weise Crypto Ratings.

    3. Acquiring Real Estate

    People are under the wrong impression that in order to invest in the real estate market, you need to have a large amount of capital. But that is not so.

    With a modest amount, you can begin your foray into an industry that has consistently thrived for years. Of course, you need to make informed decisions.

    To ensure that,you will need to conduct the right research before getting into it. There are books and online resources available to provide sufficient information on how to go about it. Get your hands on one of them and get educated on how to do it.

    You can invest in real estate without owning real estate per se. There are companies like Fundrise that make your money work for you in real estate. Another popular company in this area is Roofstock but a larger investment is needed.

    4. Purchasing Blue Hold Chips

    This is a low-risk investment but the rewards are absolutely worth it. Teachers should be able to have a stake in specific stocks issued by large companies. These are considered some of the boring investments because their stakes are in companies with solid balanced sheet with good financials. Blue hold chips are:

    Blue-chip stocks typically have solid balance sheets, steady cash flows, proven business models, and a history of increasing dividends..”

    Again, you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to be able to access and use this platform for your own monetary gain.

    By reading materials and resources on stock management, you would gain some insight on how to maneuver the system to your advantage.

    This is highly recommended for teachers. Just be wary of claims that sound too good to be true because more often than not, it is too good to be true.

    But companies that fall under this category are unmistakably the best in the world. And like any other stock, they can be purchased using almost any brokerage account. Here are some that fall on the list:

    Source: #Mootley fool

    5. Make Bold Short-Term Investments

    Put your savings together and pour it into how you short-term liquid investments. These have a way of giving you hire returns over a short period of time. This can be high interest yield accounts like CDs, high interest savings and others.

    An example would be treasury bills and bonds. The startup amount for investing in short-term investments is reasonably higher than what a teacher can afford right away but if you put your savings together and work with this plan, you can take advantage of that market.

    Government bonds as well as public company bonds can be bought through brokers like interactive brokers I mentioned earlier but also thought sites like Treasury direct.

    6. Make the Most of Your Retirement Contributions

    This is a case of ensuring that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. The 401k contribution can be channeled into different investment forums like the government service insurance system or social security system.

    There are many more out there so don’t limit yourself to just the ones I’ve listed out. However, do ensure that you carry out extensive research so that you don’t get fleeced as there are scam insurance companies out there too. E*trade brokerage and many others have the option to put into your retirement account.

    7. Health Insurance

    Health they say is wealth. While we all pray for abundant health at all times, we also know that life happens.

    There are things that we do not plan or expect that could negatively impact our health and when this happens, if you are not adequately prepared for it, it could eat into the small wealth that you have built.

    So, endeavour to invest wisely in your health plan. In addition to having a health insurance plan, you also have to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to care for yourself. Exercise daily, eat healthy and try as much as possible to manage whatever stress or anxiety that may arise as a result of your job.

    8. Invest in Financial Literacy

    Of all the other plans I’ve listed here, this is probably the one that does not directly give you feedback in terms of monetary yield.

    But believe me when I say that in the long run, it will pay off. The more you know about investment, the more enlightened you are and when you are enlightened, you are able to see opportunities when they arise in your environment.

    That is the logic behind investing in financial literacy. Buy books on investment, read up on articles that talk about investment opportunities, absorb as much information as you can on the subject so that when the time is right, you can act on it from the place of knowledge and not desperation or greed.

    Financial literacy is the key to financial freedom. One cannot be had without the other. Learn different ways to invest and earn. It’s one of the reasons this website exists. Contact me for the penny stock investing book for pre-orders. It will be out next month.  Also subscribe to:

    9. Build a Professional Network

    My friends have this phrase that they use all the time; your net worth is directly proportional to your network. And for this reason, they usually advise me to ensure that I build my network.

    I would like to pass on this advice to you because it has served me well. The people that you know can provide you with valuable information or resources that can transform in your life at any given time.

    While it is enough to read books and articles on the subject of investment, more often than not it is the people around you who will have real-time information based on their own personal experiences that can empower you financially. So endeavor to build a circle of individuals who are in the same industry as you.

    Join our facebook investing group 

    10. Invest in Yourself

    You are the biggest factor when it comes to growing your personal wealth. Banking on yourself is one of the best routes to go especially if you are committed to following through on this career path as a teacher.

    There are a lot of educational resources online that can help to improve your earning potential. Rather than just relying on the basic certificates from TEFL or your bachelor’s degree, invest in continuing education to boost your earning potential.

    Employers are always on the lookout for individuals who have taken the time to invest in themselves.

    They may see the numbers of certificates you have attained across board but the information you are telling them is that you have taken the time to invest in yourself and therefore, they have no choice but to up their offer if they want your services. This works well in your favor and can help you build wealth.

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    Final thoughts

    All of the above listed tips are essential in building wealth and living well. Good health is our biggest wealth but who doesn’t want to financial equivalent as well? I know I do, that’s why I sort and learned investing and trading with technical analysis while in university.

    It doesn’t matter if you want the big house, fast car or the modest house and your own space to plant your own crops (me), financial literacy can get you there. It takes time but it can be learned. Our public school system has failed us when it comes to financial literacy but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

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    Tate Nanje is an Author and blogger who has been traveling the world since 2009. He teaches English, Business, and Crypto investing. My books on Amazon



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