10 of our favorites masks for kids during Covied 19

With the Covid-19 pandemic School uniform will no longer look the same, government officials throughout the world are debating about school reopening amid the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic. One thing is sure that for in-person learning, kids will have to mask up.

This signifies that parents will have to have several masks for their kids, treating them as an essential school supply together with the traditionally normal school items such as pens, notebooks and pencils.

Thankfully a variety of manufacturers have invested in the face mask manufacturing business, and there are a variety of face masks available which come in a range of colours from lively leopard prints to cheery rainbow patterns and other unique patterns.

These reusable masks will be of much help to young learners and will form part of their uniform. This article explores 10 of the favourite masks for kids in the market.

1. SodaCitySewing Kids Coloring Mask

This is a protective and funky face mask that will attract kids not only because of its elastic and flexible ear loops, soft nature, and optional filler pocket but also because it allows kids to colour it and come up with their personalized designs.

It is made up of 100% cotton fabric that will keep your kids occupied while in quarantine by using colourful fabric markers to make some pizzazz to the outlined gardens and house on the fabric. The mask came in two sizes, one for kids and the other for toddlers.
kid mask

2. Socialite SuperSoft Masks (5-Pack)

This is a perfect trend to have your kid wear especially in summer. They are printed masks that are as equally attractive as they are comfortable. This mask has a unique look, featuring self-covered and slim loops with a built-in Easy Slide filtration system that ensures optimal protection.

3. Oso Me Fruit Parade Child Mask Set

The Oso; Me Fruit Parade Child Mask Set, are designed to perfectly suit kids between the ages of 3 to 10 years. They are made from jersey fabric with two layers and additionally have a layer of poplin for added protection and comfort. They are fun pieces and are fruit-inspired, which will leave your kids with an extra layer of protection.

These masks don’t stress on the faces’faces’ pressure points, ensuring comfort. Buying the masks will ensure corporate social responsibility, for every piece you purchase for your kid another set is donated to a non-profit organization that focused on providing basic essential such as clothing and diapers to children living in poverty.

4. Onzie Mindful Masks For Kids (2-Pack)

These masks are also another charitable pick and proceeds made once you’ve bought a piece for your kid are donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to provide support to healthcare workers all over the country. With Onzie Mindful Masks For Kids, not even measures such as social distancing will keep your kids from being fun and active selves.

The mask offers protection and is suited for kids between 5 to 10 years. They are designed with quick-drying and stretchy fabrics and the Yoga Clothing line brands signature. Made from soft materials, the masks have a comfortable feel.

5. Athleta Girl Made to Move Face Mask

From the athleisure brand, this “made to move” mask is an exercise-friendly face mask that is designed to stay on a kids face even when they are playing. Its lining is made using elastic and soft materials to ensure the hair of the wearer doesn’t get caught during the process of exercising.

It is also made with the company’s two layers patents featherweight fabric, a splandex blend and polyester having a mesh blender liner. Girls masks are available in three different designs and colours.

6. Disney Cloth Face Masks

isney has amazing masks for kids. It sells a pack that has four washable cloth masks in a variety of designs including characters in marvel, Disney princesses and star wars. The company is also in an initiative aimed at donating a million face masks to families in vulnerable areas throughout the US.

It has also donated an additional $1 million in profits to MedShare, which is a non-profit organization that is supporting healthcare workers.

7. Etsy Children Face Mask

Etsy online marketplace has rounded up manufacturers of kids face masks that feature fast shipping and quality. The market place is also barring sellers from price-gouging, making medical claims as well as selling mass-produced masks.

Since Etsy has lots of sellers, while getting your kids masks from this site, you must select masks that follow the CDC guidelines.

8. Jojo Siwa Logo and Music Pattern Face Mask

This is a perfect mask for kids who aren’t co-operating with wearing masks. You can always look for one that embodies the character they love most to help them feel encouraged.

The Jojo Siwa Logo and Music Pattern Face Mask are handmade and are suitable for kids three years and above. They feature a comfortable fit as well as colourful music notes. The masks are as fun as Jojo herself.

9. The Carter’s Carter’s Plaid Face Mask

This is a back to school must-have mask for your kids. It features a rustic red plaid pattern that reminds kids of the flannel they love most. The mask also features a cotton fabric that’s lightweight, breathable and favours long term wear.

It has a variety of sizes that fits kids between 3 to 14 years and thus whether your kid is a tot or a teen you can get them this stylish mask that will help them protect themselves as well as others.

10. Cubcoats Face Masks (2-Pack).

The Cubcoats Face Masks (2-Pack) are gorgeous animal โ€“printed cotton face masks. The masks suit kids from four years of age and are accessible in four attractive characters Uki the Unicorn, Kali the Kitty, Pimm, the puppy and Papo, the panda.

These masks are also a charity initiative, and 10% of their proceeds are donated to help to feed America in relief efforts against COVID-19.

In conclusion, if you’ve been looking for the best mask to buy for your kids, you need not worry as with this ten favorite masks for kids, you can choose the one that best fits you.

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