13 Video platforms for teaching English online

Teaching online requires a reliable video platform where you can see students and they can see you. Most companies that you may choose to teach online with have their own platforms for teaching online.

However, you may want to start your own freelance teaching online. Because sometimes you get a lot more money teaching on your own and seeking out your own students. My post here goes in more detail.

1. Microsoft Teams

This is the one I use. It comes with office 360 license and it is an amazing tool for teaching. It has all the features for teaching such as ability for students to raise their hand, screensharing and best of all, it connects with all other MS services.

2. Zoom

Zoom is great for having video chats and conferences. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it is a decent platform to start teaching online.

3. Google Meetings

Within Gmail, good now has the meeting via video that is similar to Google hangout.

4. Hangout

Google hangout is also great. It is a nice tool start out with clear audio and enough tools to get started.

5. Skype

Let’s not forget skype. Before it was bought by Microsoft, it was the go-to tool for video chats and still is to some extent.

6. Messenger

Facebook messenger video calling option is also a viable tool for video chats and classes.

7. Whatsapp video

Whatsapp is good for video calls as well as long as a good internet connection is available..

8. Facetime

If used properly, assuming your student also has an Iphone, facetime would be an effective tool for teaching a conversation class.

9. Telegram

This is also one of my favorite because you can upload larger video files than in whatsapp.

10. Houseparty

Houseparty is a lesser known one but it is good and you can have a multiple student class in one chat since you can have like 12 people. However, others can crash your party. But it’s great for playing games.

11. Whereby

Whereby is lovely because it is one of the easier ones to use. Only you as the teacher needs an account and everyone else (students) can access the chat via web link..

12. Google Duo

Lesser known by Google but it boast better video quality than Google hangout.

13. Youbo

A French based social media like Myspace was but with video calling that can be used for teaching online classes.

Final thoughts

With all of these, a good internet connection is essential. Not only is a good connection essential, but two to three of the fifty tools is as well because a combination of those tools and a good video platform is priceless for having great online classes.

Tate Nanje is an Author and blogger who has been traveling the world since 2009. He teaches English, Business, and Crypto investing. My books on Amazon


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