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Dave’s ESL Café was one of the initials websites to cover English learning, however, with time, more and more such sites are emerging, and the internet today is full of similar sites.

Dave’s ESL Café continues not only to offer English teaching and learning material, including quizzes, lessons, slangs, and idioms but also to offer teaching resources.

From Dave’s ESL café, one can find job boards for various jobs posted, as well as one, can advertise themselves to recruiters who are active on the forum. Eslcafe.com serves a broad audience from online to abroad English students, recruiters, and ESL teachers. This article covers 15 of the best teaching activities from eslcafe.com.

1. ESL jobs

Teachers who have always loved to have an ESL position and have an interest in working abroad can visit ESL job centers as well. There are various teaching job boards from China and Korea, links to recruitments and certification programs, and many international opportunities. The site has multiple listings that are updated on a day to day basis as well as ours.

2. Building your ESL PLN

eslcafe.com recognizes that professional Learning Network (PLN), together with the internet, provides a variety of forums for ESL teachers to engage in activities such as linking with other educators. Eslcafe.com has a live chat section where teachers can connect in real-time. The site also has a teacher discussion forum. Here teachers can engage in teaching activities such as cooperating to discuss a variety of topics, from textbooks to including videos into lessons.

3. Lesson planning

eslcafe.com is a beneficial site as far as lesson planning is concerned. It offers the ideal cookbook, a complete resource that helps design quality lessons and improves ESL instructions. Here there are activities that help in teaching, which include tips on teaching English, classroom management, software recommendations, and how to use music to motivate students. There’s also a section on grammar where a variety of teachers offers a stepwise method on how to teach students difficult concepts. One can also get links to complete lesson plans at eslcafe.com.

4. Professional Developments.

Eslcafe.com hosts podcasts that have a teachers’ training forum and also provide a wide range of video and audio resources. The sites also make it possible for teachers to share the experiences they have heard while they were working abroad, along with how they got to overcome the diverse challenges, for example, not being a native language speaker.

5. Student resources

The site offers outstanding resources that help to supplement student’s instructions. Some forums allow English language learners to ask questions, take quizzes, complete short grammar lessons, and link with other students in discussion forums. The site has a user-friendly as well as easy to navigate platform. From the website, teachers also benefit from Sperling’s advice, who is an actual expert and includes humor in his podcasts and writings. Dave’s ESL café’s range of resources assists teachers in designing dynamic and multimodal lessons that involve even the students that are the most difficult to motivate.

6. The ESL Question Page

This is one of the primary elements of eslcafe.com. It offers educators with some activities to engage in. Here an educator will find questions from ESL teachers, students, and others featured and personally answered by Sperling. There are also more links where issues are explained further.

7. The ESL Idiom page

This is one of the site’s mostly accessed components. It comprises 160 entries, each icon on the page is selected randomly and it thus, it takes a very long time to see the whole collection. Each of the idiom’s entry features an expression that defines briefly and offers an example of how an idiom has been used .

8. The ESL Quote page

The teaching activities in this section entail helping students to know more quotes. Educators can find proverbs from world-over and public figures such as Lily Tomlin, Benjamin Disraeli, and George Bernard Shaw.

9. The ESL Help Center

In ESL Help Center, the teaching activities involved include offering visitors a chance to ask ESL related questions where a team of international teachers gives responses. By visiting the ESL help center, there are a variety of activities that one can benefit from.

10. The ESL quiz center

Here, teaching activities include 50 multiple choice quizzes featured in a variety of content areas, including geography, current news, history, people, words, reading comprehension, writing, and world culture. Teachers can guide students as they go through the quiz.

11. The ESL discussion center

In this section, teachers and students will be able to interact. It involves activities such as games, English for specific purposes, current events, learning English, among others. Anyone is capable of starting a there on a topic of discussion.

12. Dave’s ESL E-Mail Connection for Teachers

This section offers ESL teachers with a lot of teaching activities by providing them a chance to Network electronically. By providing your e- address, both teachers can exchange information on various aspects of teaching.

13. ESL Link Page for Teachers and students

eslcafe also offers a link page for teachers and students. This page provides a variety of learning activities. The student’s link page has 17 groups, which include listening, E-mail, grammar, Home pages, pronunciations, Games, among others. There are 330 teacher-related links in 19 categories for teachers, including in Magazines, Journals, and Associations.

14. The One-Stop Search Page

This is an eslcafe component that makes it possible for educators to search for the information they may not be getting on the site. The one-stop search page has inputs from other pages such as yahoo, MetaCrawler, WebCrawler, Alta Vista, Deja News, and Galaxy .

15. Dave’s ESL Idea Page

ESLcafe offers an opportunity for educators from all over the world to share ideas regarding learning and teaching English as a second language. Here there are a variety of teaching activities that involve things such as classroom engagement and activist that specializes in grammar, writing, listening, and speaking as well as pronunciation.

In conclusion, DAVE ESL café is one of the well-established ESL websites, with it comes to a variety of teaching activities to engage in. Above are the 15 best teaching activities at the site.

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