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    20 jobs anyone can do to make money from home

    As the world struggles to adjust to the current economic crisis, the need to find extra income for home upkeep has risen even higher.

    People are encouraged to work from home in a bid to stay safe and slow down the spread of the virus that has taken over most parts of the world.

    But even in the absence of a virus, it is important to generate multiple streams of income in order to create some form of financial stability.

    Jobs listed in this article offer you the opportunity to do that without compromising your current day job. Just be sure to keep your commitments minimal because having too much on your plate can take its toll on you, physically and financially.

    1. Graphic Design

    This is a skill that is very relevant to both the offline and online world, as it helps brands and businesses create an identity that enables them to connect with their customer base.

    Artists who have knowledge of business and marketing can find a way to monetize their design skills with a career in graphics design.

    And the best thing is it is not so hard to learn. It takes time and dedication and how long it takes you to learn depends entirely on you.

    Where to start? Fiverr – offer your services from $5 gigs and earn more with more experience Upwork – like Fiverr but harder to get jobs without a lot of experience
    Where to learn? Skillshare Coursera Udemy

    2. Computer Programming

    If you are a whizz with computer programs,  you can convert that hobby into a full-time career or choose to run it on the side to generate good income. Computer programmers are in high demand and the more skilled you are, the higher your pay will be.

    And the best part is, you can teach yourself. There are plenty of courses out there both paid and free. Harvard University offers free courses, all that is required is your time and effort.

    Here is an exhaustive list of Ivy League courses offered for free. Harvard University has several free Computer Science courses. 

    3. Website Design

    People without computer programming skills go on to become excellent website designers.

    All you need is a knowledge of how websites work and the elements needed to make a website functional and attractive.

    Once you have mastered the skill, you can make extra money from it. This is part of how I put myself through college.

    I designed websites after I taught myself HTML, CSS and WordPress. That skill has translated to me designing this website myself instead of hiring someone.

    And since then I have managed to learn database management so that I can maintain my own VPS server and run all my websites on it, including this one.

    Where can you learn?

    1. WordPress

    4. Social Media Management

    Traditional marketing has given way for social media marketing which is where a lot of brands are trying to reach their customer base.

    This has created the need for expert social media managers. If you understand the algorithms of each social media platform and how to engage users there, this might be the right job for you.

    Taking a simple $9 course or even a free course can land you a great job from home as a Social Media Manager. But I have something better for you. Everything you need to know about social media management can be found in this book:

    [pdf-embedder url=””]
    Download Social Media Management Book

    5. Virtual Assistant

    The virtual assistant has the same responsibility as a personal assistant. The major difference between the two of them is one is able to work from home at their own pace.

    However, you have to ensure that you are organized enough to keep your client up-to-date on their daily schedules.

    Many virtual assistant jobs can be found at

    6. Online Tutoring

    The educational system in place today is not enough to meet all of the learning needs of each individual child. This is why online tutoring has become necessary.

    It is meant to supplement whatever the child learns at school. Teachers or people who have specific skills, especially language skills, have come in handy in this regard.

    There are several online platforms where you can teach English language to people who want to learn.

    You can tutor for a number of companies online, however, you can also start doing it for yourself.

    I prefer the latter, even though working in order to gain the experience itself should also not be underestimated.

    7. Voice Over Artists

    Do you have an excellent voice? Or perhaps you have the ability to mimic and imitate multiple voices? Well, this is a talent that can earn you some extra cash if you have the right equipment at home.

    Typically you can earn as much as $20 an hour but when you are in high demand, you can earn way more than that. There are many jobs or gigs on fiverr for Voice over artists.

    8. Create Video Content

    Creating video content around a specific niche can earn you extra cash online on platforms like YouTube. All you need is some video equipment, video editing tools and a lot of creativity.

    9. Freelance Writing

    There are different forms of writing from business writing to creative writing and even technical writing. If you have a talent that puts you in any of these categories, you can monetize it online using freelancing platforms. I have taken a few writing jobs at problogger from time to time. Also see our job board as we often compile some high paying online jobs.

    10. Amazon Tasks

    Amazon created a crowd-sourcing website that allows businesses and individuals to outsource certain tasks that computers currently cannot carry out. You can sign up on the platform and look into many of the services that people are looking for there.

    11. Blogging

    There are so many bloggers out there. But it is still possible to come up and create your own blog content because you have information that is unique to you that people are looking for.

    This is not something that will earn you cash overnight. However, with consistency and creativity, you might start earning in six figures annually over time.

    Using WordPress is easy. Seriously easy. If you want to start a blog, get into it with me. Until this day since University 12 years ago, I still design WordPress sites such as this one for $250. You heard that right. I have created more than 150 websites since leaving University.

    When you have the blog, the rest is up to you.

    12. Photography

    photography eye

    This is one of those jobs that you can carry out with creativity and simple equipment. By using the phone in your hand or a camera  (if you have one), you can take unique pictures and put it up on platforms where people can rent it out for use. If your image quality or concept is that good, some people might bite outright. You can sell your pictures on:

    1. Alamy
    2. Deposit photos
    3. Adobe Stock
    4. Shutterstock
    5. Etsy
    6. iStockphoto

    13. Marketing

    There are so many forms to this. If you already have a platform with a reasonable audience, you could market other people’s products to them for a fee (on your blog, on social media etc.)

    Or if you are just starting out, you could sign up to become an affiliate marketer. Also, having knowledge of things like search engine optimization can boost your earning potential.

    14. Scoping

    In courts, everything said is noted using shorthand. Court reporters need those statements transcribed into written form and for that, they need people who are generally known as scopists. If this is something you know how to do, then you might be able to earn extra money from it.

    15. Translator

    If you speak multiple languages fluently, you can turn that skill into cash by becoming an online translator. There are a lot of companies and law firms who are always looking to translate certain documents to or from specific languages like French, Arabic, Italian Chinese and so on.

    16. Bookkeeping

    With a skill like this, you can apply to companies that hire employees remotely. This way, you are able to earn your upkeep from home or alongside your in-office job.

    There are platforms that offer listings of companies who prefer to hire remotely. You can sign up on those platforms. But remember, they are not always free. You might need to part with some cash in order to secure that job.

    17. Drop shipping

    This is not a job as much as it is an entrepreneurial activity as you are basically sourcing for products that people are very excited about and then creating a store where people can access those products without ever having to go through the hassles of stocking. You just act as the middleman between the manufacturer and end-user.

    18. Course Creator

    course maker

    This has more to do with monetizing your knowledge. If you are an expert in a specific field and you happen to have succeeded in that area, you can make money out of it by creating a course that will teach people how to achieve the things you have and possibly do even more. People will be able to access this course for a fee.

    19. Seller

    Do you have a product that you think people will want to buy? Well, by simply taking it online and putting it on specific platforms, you can ensure that the product is able to get to the people who want it.

    This applies if you are selling items you no longer need in your home or handmade crafts for people who are very creative.


    20. Editing and Proofreading

    If you have a keen understanding of English language and the ability to spot the errors in a written content a mile away, this might be the right job for you.

    With all the writing that is going on online, there is a demand for people to proofread the content to ensure that they are aligned with the objectives of the brand/writer and are also error free.

    Bonus: Taking surveys online with survey junkie

    Final thoughts

    When looking to apply for jobs online that will supplement your income, be sure to go for something that you have some form of experience in. If you are very busy with your regular day-to-day job, you might want to go for something that can earn you money without interfering too much in your time like the drop shipping we talked about. What do you think?

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