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ResourcesESL-TEFL Teaching21 Websites to find high paying TEFL jobs you didn't know about

21 Websites to find high paying TEFL jobs you didn’t know about

Today ESL Lessons are on-demand more than ever. This being the case, there are a variety of websites hiring online English teachers. However, teachers must be aware of the best TEFL jobs sites where they will find work without much struggle. Below are the top 20 ESL websites to find jobs.


Tefl jobs is one of the most popular and most established websites for teaching job websites. It has one of the largest real-time ESL jobs on boards and thus provides a wide selection of English teaching jobs.

Many of the Jobs posted on this site are for location-based positions. However, many online teaching opportunities are also available. By visiting the site’s job seekers section, one gets to search for existing openings.

On the job, search form go to the type position category, and from the drop-down menu, select the online option. There will be several online English Language teaching jobs. makes updates on its job database daily.


job board.
Our job board aggregates jobs from many websites around the world. Only the best and high paying jobs are put together on our website.

3. Cambly

online tutor sign up
Cambly is an ESL website that concentrates mostly on hiring native English teachers who teach learners worldwide. A teacher can either teach kids through Cambly kids and for those who prefer teaching adults can do so through the main company.

Since students from this site are global, a teacher enjoys the flexibility of where they live. The company’s main undoing is that its pay is a bit lower than other sites at $10.20 per hour.

4. Berlitz

While Berlitz is famous for teaching French, Spanish, and other foreign languages, it also teaches English. Teachers get to teach ESL online with the company’s virtual classroom, which is a site that features image libraries, application sharing, a lively whiteboard, and other instructional features. With Berlitz, one is not required to have any experience of having taught English before.

5. Dave’s ESL Café.

esl jobs
This is another ESL teaching Job website that has been in existence for quite a while. Dave Sperling launched it in 1995, from whom it got its name.

The site links teachers and students from all over the world. It has three major job boards. These are; Korean JOB board, China Job board, and the international job board.

From all these three Job boards, one can find online ESL teaching jobs. The only problem is that one cannot filter jobs on the boards to display only the online jobs.

6. ESL employment

Jobs at esl employment
This is a website that lists career and job opportunities for English language teachers. The site has a section which only lists online ESL teaching jobs. The section is frequently updated, and by checking it regularly, one can seize new opportunities.

7. teachaway

jobs at teachaway
This is also one of the largest websites for finding jobs. It is geared mainly for certified teachers and admin jobs. You setup a profile and apply for jobs that meet your qualifications.

To teach at the site, one has to; have a passion for teaching English, be a native English speaker, and have basic computer skills such as proficiency in PowerPoint and Skype.

8. ESL Authority

jobs at ESL Authority
This site links ESL teachers with jobs around the world. Finding jobs is easy and the site also has teacher written articles outlining their experiences.

9. Englishunt

This website was founded in 2000 and offers learners from Japan, China, and Korea with video classes. It majorly appoints based on merit and requires at least a TEFL certificate or 48 college credit hours.

10. Go Fluent

This is an ESL distance teaching company specializing in hiring ESL teachers who mainly teach adult learners from all over the world. It has of recently focused on hiring corporate English trainers experienced in the corporate world.

11. Global Mate New York

This site links teachers with Korean learners. A majority of its students are aged between 19 to 50 years and typically are graduate students, college students, or working professionals. It also has a small population of high school and middle students.

12. Gogokid

This site specializes in teaching Chinese kids and offers $14 to $25 per hour. Prospective candidates at Gogokid are required to possess a college degree. After a successful application and interview, one is then needed to present a demo lesson.

13. Learnlight

This site was founded in 2007 and has now expanded to about 20 countries. It looks for TEFL certified teachers and preferably those with a business background and are prepared to commit for at least a year.

14. iTalki

This is a huge online community comprising of learners of over five million languages and about 10,000 teachers. The site not only permits teachers to teach from their home comfort but also one can set his or her schedule. The site takes 15% of the fee, and the teachers get the rest.

15. Mango languages

This is an ESL site that is committed to helping its students develop their day-to-day conversations and have real conversations. It is an international company that hires coaches on a full-time basis to work from anywhere.

16. Pearson

While Pearson is famous as an academic book publisher, it is also a large company that has moved into online ESL teaching. It hires teachers to coach ESL online to learners from around the globe.

17. Qkids

This is the best site for teachers who love kids. It links ESL teachers which Chinese learners aged 4 to 12 years.

18. Rype.

Rype specializes in linking ESL teachers with over 100,000 students per month. It requires that a teacher commits at least 10hours weekly as well as a teaching experience.

19. Samespeak

This is a small company that specializes in hiring English teachers for 30-minutes online lessons. The site offers $10 for every half an hour. It also prefers native English speakers.

20. Teachlingo

Teachlingo is a Jobs marketplace that offers ESL teachers the capability to create a profile, upload their teaching materials, and apply for Jobs. Hiring companies frequently visit Teachlingo when they need ESL teachers .

21. TwoSignams

This is an ESL teaching website. It requires its teachers to have an ESL teaching certificate or some teaching experience. In this site, teachers will mainly coach kid’s between 3 to 12 years. It is based in The UK and partners with schools globally. It also provides teachers with some resources that will help during the interview sessions.

In conclusion, teaching online can be a fulfilling and fun Job. However, to work to full efficacy, a teacher should be keen on choosing the right company to work for. With this article’s 20 ESL websites, finding the best site to work for has been easier.


  1. Wow! I have been teaching with VIPKid for some time now as well as another online ESL company but this article opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many options to teaching ESL online. Thank you for your helpful overview of these comanies to give teachers like me ideas of where to apply.


    • Absolutely Tori, I am glad the article helped. There are so many opportunities out there to teach online and earn good money.


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