6 Must-Have Tools for your Amazon FBA Business

People are quickly realizing the benefits of beginning an Amazon FBA business. While selling on Amazon may appear profitable, success is only assured to those prepared to invest time in learning the proper strategies. Amazon merchants are now better positioned than those who started earlier.

A vibrant third-party ecosystem has sprung up around Amazon, offering services ranging from inventory management to bookkeeping and product research. Despite this, many sellers still which services aid their business. Thus, many new sellers use trial and error to locate a decent app.   If you want to make your life easier at Amazon and boost your chances of success. This post will show you six essential Amazon FBA tools that make the difference between success and failure.
Helium 10 amazon fba

#1. Helium 10

This is one of the best tools if you sell on Amazon. Helium is making it easier for people to find high-volume keywords that will help them improve their listings and set up manual and automated PPC campaigns. In order to rank the keywords for your products in order of how important they are, you can use the Frankenstein tool (within Helium dashboard) to do this. By starting with the Blackbox’s general level, where it’s possible to search through a lot of different niches and categories, Helium10 will show you how to get more specific information about products, like how much money they make and how much they’re worth.

#2. Jungle Scout

People who sell on Amazon use this tool the most to find out about products. It has a special algorithm that looks at any niche or product on Amazon and gives you a lot of information about it. It checks the seasonality of consumer demand, the competitive landscape, and the estimated profitability.

JungleScout that helps people you find the right products to sell. It is the perfect tool to look into what is selling well on Amazon, the number of sellers and if the product is hard to break into. What that means, is that Jungle Scout, rate the products to let you know if it is a market you can easily get into.
The ratings are:
Highwhich means there is a lot of competition for the particular product and it is hard to get into.
Medium means the product is not so hard to get into and sell but you will need to stand out either by having a superior product or adding something that the current one selling is missing.
Easy means there is not a lot of competition and you can enter into the niche and make money.
There are plenty of other options available to you beyond product research. Click below and go to the Jungle Scout website to see all of them.

Go to Jungle Scout

#3. ProfitGuru

With ProfitGuru, you’ll get the best value for your money when you search for products that are sure to sell on Amazon. It is the best tool for finding out about wholesale prices and deals. Profit Guru gives you information about how other products have done on Amazon based on their ASINs, which helps you figure out how well your own item could sell on the site. ProfitGuru is especially good for new sellers.

ProfitGuru will help you find the areas where there isn’t a lot of competition and products that aren’t either sold by Amazon or by the brands that make them. You can then get in touch with the owners, offer to sell their goods, or look for suppliers who have already done this. ProfitGuru gives wholesalers information about well-known brands’ suppliers, which saves them the time it would have taken to check out different vendors.

#4. SellerBench

SellerBench is the best way for you to get back the money that Amazon owes you. As an FBA seller, you’re likely to have run into problems with Amazon’s storage service at some point. These problems include inventory reconciliation discrepancies and FBA fees that aren’t correct. Sellerbench has case managers who use their knowledge to help sellers get back the money they lost when they didn’t pay for things. They charge 25% of the money they get back.

#5. Repricelt

Set your own prices instead of letting an automated pricing tool control them. Repricelt is the best choice for this. It’s easy to set up automated repricing with Repricelt so that your prices stay competitive. The software has an easy-to-use engine that looks at the competition and adjusts prices as set by the company. To change your prices at any time, you can use the Repricelt Now! feature. Even if you have already set up an automatic repricing, you can still change your prices with this feature. Repricelt can be used with any type of product, including media. That’s what this app does. It has the same pricing options as Amazon’s BuyBot and is completely compatible with FBA. It also works for big sellers and small businesses on Amazon. It costs $9.95 a month.

Bonus tool: Social Rabbit

Social Rabbit is the tool I started to use when I started my FBA journey. When you start out, it seems like there is not enough time to do anything. And least of those things is building your social media following so that you can have a customer base to advertise to. That’s why the Social Rabbit plugin in combination with my Woocommerce store is a solid setup.

Social Rabbit allows you to pre-setup your social media posts and activities. You can program the app to do the heavy lifting while you tackle essential business things to do.

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