8 Tips for Teachers to Inspire ESL Students

Trying to be proficient with the English language is really a challenge especially to non-native English speakers. Motivation is the best key to make improvements and be the best in any matter like when speaking in English. There are effective factors to teach students in order for them to be fluent in the English language.
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Classroom Conversation

Enable classroom conversation. This way, students will be excited to learn the English language because of the desire to communicate with their peers. They will all be willing to learn the language completely so they can eventually talk to each other and share some personal and relevant stories and experiences using the English language.


Student Collaboration

One good way to motivate students is to let them work in pair or in group. There are relevant activities such as interviews, dialogues, role playing, etc. where they can help each other to accomplish a task. Close collaboration and communication among students are some of the best ways to learn the target language.

Praises and Recognition

Who doesn’t want to be praised and recognized for a job well done? This is the primary reason why ESL students work hard to be proficient with the English language. The more their efforts and skills are recognize, the more they work harder to achieve more recognitions as well as develop their English speaking skill.


Competition Between Peers

Although this is not a goal of ESL, this may help in encouraging students to be more eager in learning to speak English. Sometimes, when one’s skill is being exceeded by the other, he/she will work double to surpass them.

Good Relationship Between Teacher and Students

The good attitude of teachers towards teaching students is also one good factor to motivate them to learn. Teachers need to build a mutual relationship with their students like sharing same interests and goals related to being skilled with the English language. Once a good relationship has been built, each side can feel comfortable. This can promote motivation to learn no matter how students think the subject is hard because they trust their teacher.


Students need to build self-confidence. They need this to feel positive and motivated about their own learning. This can also enable them to enjoy the learning process and believe that they can eventually accomplish their goal which is to become fluent English speakers. Students who lack self-esteem are likely to be unsuccessful because they let the fear and doubt hinder them to accomplish a task.


Success Stories

Success in the learning experience enables students to pursue better goals. A success can result to another success that only means progression for a more accomplished student. The feeling of success time and again rises especially when students realize the development and accomplishment they gave themselves.

Relaxing Learning Environment

Students will find it difficult to deal with lessons in a stressful environment. Teachers or the school itself needs to provide students with relaxing learning environment where they can learn and perform well. A good teaching and learning environment not only helps students to focus. Teachers also feel motivated to perform well in a clean, untroubled place.


Motivation is pivotal in language learning. It helps students become positive toward their own learning. It also provides them the urge to perform well while enjoying the learning experience. However motivation requires a lot of factors. This could be hard to achieve but through those factors, students can effectively have the drive to accomplish the targeted language and get the success of being proficient English speakers. 


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