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ResourcesESL-TEFL TeachingA quick guide: Dave's ESL Cafe & Teachaway

A quick guide: Dave’s ESL Cafe & Teachaway

If you are an English as a second language teacher, the internet provides a variety of resources that will aid in job seeking, curriculum developments, and linking with other educators. Two of the most prominent resources on the web as far as these opportunities are concerned are Teachaway and Dave’s ESL Café.
teachaway home

What does teachaway do for you?

Teach away is a global teacher recruitment company that places ESL teachers throughout the world. It provides a broad range of global teaching jobs with English speaking organizations, private and public schools.

It was launched in the year 2003 and has grown to become a leading international teacher recruiter by committing to placing global best educators in top educational institutes all over the world.

Annually hundreds of teachers get to experience new cultures throughout the world through the recruiter’s international teaching programs. Some of Teachaway’s partners comprise a wide variety of educational institutions comprising of middle, high and elementary schools, international schools, ministry of educations, educational NGOs, oversees educational businesses, and private English as a second language schools.

What about Dave’s ESL Cafe?

Dave’s ESL Café is a free to use site that was started and is managed by Dave Sperling, a Los Angeles teacher. The site has all the materials that can help both ESL teachers and students alike.

The site is a meeting place of the internet for ESL+EFL students throughout the globe.The two sites have their similarities as well as differences, and they help ESL teachers differently.

Below is a comparison of the two sites.
As far as Dave’s ESL is concerned, it offers several advantages to its teachers. The first is that the site is free to use, all the ideas, forums, and resources in the suite are free.
It also has an excellent job section. Within the job section, there are distinct groups for jobs in China, Korea, and internationally.

Teachers can also benefit from the resume section, where teachers seeking jobs send their resumes. The site doesn’t charge those posting the resume, however for potential employers who may want to browse through the resume; there’s a charge. We are not sure how secure user data is but nothing has been reported. The thing to watch out for are scammers.
eslcafe offers
The site also provides a warning to teachers of scams, which is beneficial. The Jobs section makes it possible for teachers to get jobs from all over the world. Dave’s ESL also offers a broad range of useful materials.

In the stuff for teachers section, there’s a space for teachers to submit activity ideas as well as example lessons. This are all arranged conveniently under diverse sections such as listening, spelling, business English games among others
Dave’s ESL offers students and teachers a beneficial forum. With the Forum, one can be able to browse the posts that others have made, and more importantly, one doesn’t have to be a member to get access to the posts.

There’s moderation in the Forum, and teachers can only discuss issues of training teachers, Korean jobs, international jobs, among other general issues. The site also helps teachers to answer questions asked by students.
Students are offered various topics where they can express opinions, ask questions, and bounce their ideas. It offers teachers a handy tool to detect any common issues that students possess and areas with potential problems that should be addressed.
The site offers contact details, where teachers in case of any issue can get to contact the owners of the site through email, a Facebook page, among other options. The site also offers teachers exciting extras; for example, teachers can access comprehensive links to other English as second language sites.
• No need to be logged in to apply for jobs
• Plenty of resources to help one teach
• Student section is robust as well
• The site used to be dated and messy to navigate, but that has changed as Dave has finally put money back into the site to modernize it.

More on teachaway

Teachaway is also a site that has much to offer to its teachers. Teachers can benefit from the Tons of ESL jobs added daily.
It permits one to search by key responsibilities, by job title, location, or company. The site also allows one to view a comprehensive view of the job market for teaching English abroad.
Teach away also has a blog where it can offer informational content, including information such as which countries offer competitive salaries for teaching abroad.

The teachaway offer
teachaway offer

At Teachaway, teachers have the flexibility of browsing any ESL English teaching job abroad that catches their eye. As far as pricing is concerned for employers looking to post jobs, Teach away doesn’t list any pricing on their website, for any employers who wants to know the price, they can contact them directly and get more information.
Teach Away provides teaching jobs internationally for ESL teachers, vocational and college instructors, directors, principals, and university professors. From Japan to Spain, to Qatar, a teacher gets to explore their options of teaching abroad with Teach Away.

Some of the online teaching jobs that teachers can expect to get at Teachaway include; college-level online teaching faculty, subject matter experts, instructional designers, online English teachers, K12online teachers, and Adult online teachers.

One of the significant advantages of Teachaway is that it can be used to post high quality teaching jobs worldwide. The disadvantage is that it has limited support, and one may not get adequate answers to queries they may have.
Despite this, Teachaway offers an excellent resource for foreign countries employers, who need to recruit teachers for temporary assignments.

Posting jobs at Teach way is a simple process like it is posting a job here at eslland and entails, clicking on the Hire teachers link. One then proceeds to post a job, enter the school’s information, register and sign in for an account, and enter the job opportunity details. One then selects their type of posting and payment details, proceeds to preview the posting, and lastly, you are needed to confirm.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that though the two sites have some differences, such as the Techaway doesn’t have a clear pricing strategy. The two offer useful resources that teachers can find beneficial. Most importantly, with the growing number of online education platforms specializing in offering ESL education, a teacher must know what each site offers, its pros and cons. This way, they will be able to utilize their sites to their best efficacy. With this article, a teacher is well equipped with what teach away as well as Dave’s ESL, has to offer; they can thus choose the site that suits them.


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