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My name is Tate. I have been traveling for over 10 years and I have stayed in some countries longer than others. I left the United States in 2009 to go and teach English in South Korea. One thing led to another, and I went to another country, and from there, to another. 72 countries later, I find myself living in Dubai. What drives me to keep going are: cultural experience, quality of life, being able to invest and save while doing what I love, food, and just the small things that make life on the road better for me than staying at home in Atlanta, GA.

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The long version about me and tatesjourney.com

I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2008. I worked at the University for a year. It was to more or less experience the 9-5 life. And I didn’t like it. I then left Statesboro, GA and went home to Marietta where I lived at the time. I did odd jobs a few months but I knew in the back of my mined I wanted to travel.

I remembered some Asian students from the University that mentioned that people really wanted to learn English in Korea and other Asian countries. So I started looking into it. And the requirements where pretty simple after reading a few blogs. One of those blogs was Chris in South Korea but it’s no longer there since Chris left South Korea but I still follow him. I also read Nomadic Matt’s blog and many others. Soon after I found sites like teachaway, dave’s esl cafe, asknow recruiting and others.

I found a position in Pyeontaek, South Korea and three months later, I was on a plan to Korea. The requirements for the job where very straight forward:
1. be from a Native English speaking country
2. have a university degree
3. have a clean criminal background record
4. teaching experience not needed but a plus
5. TEFL certificated ( a plus to have)
and asknow recruiting took care of the other side of things with the Korean government after I interviewed with the school while I did the tasks they asked like getting a criminal background check, getting my degree apostilled/attested.
All documents were completed in a total of 8 weeks and I was on the flight to arrive at Incheon airport.

Why I started this blog

Over the years I have had some many people ask me how I am able to live and also travel in so many countries. And the next question they ask after that one is inevitably can anyone do it? and although I answer with a resounding YES, a lot of people don’t know how. That’s why I started this blog and others before this one.
In 2009-2012, the eslchronicle
2012-2014 tatesjourney old
2014-2021 eslland
2021 – present back to tatesjourney and this one is not going away

I want to answer the, what you can do to live this lifestyle, the how you can do it where and when.

Why teaching English abroad?

When I left the university, I didn’t have much else I wanted to do. I was repairing computers and designing websites to help me pay for college. After I graduated, I sold my equipment because although I was still making money from the business, even as a side hustle, it wasn’t enough to live well on because working for the university was only paying me $10 an hour. To put it simply, it was shit. I wanted to travel. I wanted to see as much of the world as I could. I had just spent 4 years at university just getting by working and paying for school, so I didn’t have too massive a loan when I finished studying. The furthest I went from the state of Georgia was to Tennessee and Florida. And teaching English overseas was the most logical path I could think of in order to travel. And since I left the States and saw what the rest of the world had to offer, I haven’t looked back. I have traveled to a total of 72 countries in the world, and I have lived in at least 5 of those for more than a year: France, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (my current location for the last 5 years). How I lived in Paris for a year is still one of my fondest stories and memories. I will recount that story soon and share it since I am still friends with the random people I met in New York who invited me to Paris.

Teaching English doesn’t always pay well, so how do I pay for all my travel?

I do FBA. I teach on other platforms like Italkie. I invest in crypto, trade stocks and options, sell e-books I write, blog, and I stay in some countries longer than others in order to save for awhile before moving on to the next. This combination of things has proven to work for me. And, with the ability to farm and stake crypto investments, earning enough to live the nomadic life is becoming easier.

Where next?

Although Japan has been on my mind, it would be just for teaching for about a year, maximum two. After Japan, since I will also have my MBA completed by then, I will likely look for another place to work using my Masters and possibly leave the teaching world behind. My FBA business will likely be bigger, and hopefully, so will my crypto holdings, so I will likely look for a location to buy a more permanent place. A few places I loved come to mind: Columbia, Puerto Rico, Greece, and Portugal, though I haven’t decided yet. Leaving the States permanently has always lingered in my mind, but I love New York, so I will always have a presence there regardless of where I decide to live. 

There is so much to tell as there is 8 to 9 years of content I haven’t posted or written about. But it’s nostalgic to think about it and have another perspective away from the adventures. That’s what Tate’sjourney is about, a journey that I started in 2009 and still hasn’t ended because there is just too much to see and do around the world. It has become a little harder with Covied but it’s still doable and I am still going. 

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