Class Management System: The Best Way To Control Your Class

This is a class management system that will change the way your kids behave.

We have tested this at all age levels and we found that although this class management system is meant for young kids ages 4 to 14, if modified properly, it works at all age groups.

Please feel free to alter it to your particular needs, we just ask that you repost the modified version back here for other teachers to use.

This class management system was tested for a year

It works wonders if executed properly. Why it works:

For the students

  1. The student’s performance is rewarded
  2. It creates competition among the students
  3. It brings excitement back to the classroom

For the Teacher

  1. It’s a reward and punishment system combined
  2. It takes away stress because the students earn what they get and they can see it plain and simple so there is no resentment towards the Teacher
  3. The Teacher gains or regains control of the class

We call this class management system:



This is how you implement it in a way that excites the students.

Introduce it

Tell the students that they are going to be rewarded for all their hard work. And for each good answer (i.e great sentence, correct conjugation, good manners or whatever you like) they will earn a point on the system. And they can lose points too.

If your students are particularly bad, you can take more points off for bad behavior than anything else. This gets them behaving much faster than scolding them. But make sure you notice them more when they are being good. Here are the steps I used when setting up the system.

Step one

Type all the names of the students in the class in a large font that they can see from their seats. On the right-hand side of each name write ten underlines,(spelling out the words super duper) like this:

class management system: the super duper system
The super duper system structure. Student name on the right.

As you can see from the image student #2 has answered ten questions correctly and thus earned a full SUPER DUPER. This equals to (one point) and student #1 has answered one question correctly.

Student #1 actually had 2 letters earlier in the class but lost one because he was told to sit down more than 3 times. And student #3 has answered 2 questions correctly and has broken up a fight thus earning 3 letters and on the way to earning all letters for a complete SUPER DUPER which equals to one point.

Step two: How to reward them based on these points?

On my class management system, once the students get 5 points total, they get a sticker and they turn in the stickers at the end of the week for candy.

However, you have several options. You can give candy at the end of the month, every two weeks, every week, daily or you can use a combination reward system.

With the candy reward system, you buy candy every week, two weeks, or every month. And it can get expensive during the course of a year or more of teaching.

That’s why we prefer the combination reward system because it lessens the Teachers cost. How?

The combination system combines two rewards. Let’s look at student #2 on the image above for example. With the candy only reward system without the stickers, you would have to provide them with candy after earning the points. Multiply that times 12-30 students and it becomes an expense. But depending on how frequent you give them points this cost can be little. It depends on you, the Teacher.

With the combination system, we can create another step to the candy. So student #2 gets a sticker for being dubbed SUPER DUPER (insert student name). And after getting SUPER DUPER 5 times (5 points equalling 1 sticker) or whatever number you decide, you can then reward them with a piece of candy. You can even make it were two stickers gets them the piece of candy if you like.

Not only that you can even make it more exciting and bring a toy sword/stick to class and have them kneel before you and be dubbed SUPER DUPER (insert student name). Like this:

knight a student
The Teacher can make it fun and knight a student.

Believe me, they love the attention.

The punishment side of the system

The punishment side of this class management system is very simple. As the students are rewarded for their good behavior, so are they punished for bad behavior. Meaning, if they get a point for a good act, they can also lose that point for a bad act. This also helps keep them inline because if they only get rewarded and no consequence for bad behavior, the system becomes ineffective.

However, do not make the mistake of playing favorites. It will render you ineffective. Be fair and just to the bad student as well as the good student. They will protest, but in the end, they will love you for it. One thing I have noticed when using this system in my classes is the joy other students get seeing the other fall from grace and they show the same joy when they rise. So play with this class management system keeping this in mind and make even the so-called bad students love you. Before you know it the class becomes more and more like a family.


  1. Be fair and just (couldn’t stress this enough)
  2. Be creative with the system to mirror the students’ age
  3. Follow it strictly because you are in charge and students need structure
  4. Make it fun, (sword idea is an example of this)

Possible rewards

Of course, you are welcome to come up with your own. This is just a starting point.

  1. Stickers
  2. Candy
  3. A bigger grand prize for most SUPER DUPERS by the end of the year
  4. Small party or game at the end of class after a certain number of SUPER DUPERS from a good amount of students.


The possibilities are endless with this class management system. Modify it to fit your teaching style and your students. It will make a world of difference because it has for every classroom I have used it in and continue to use it in. So I ask that you try it in your class and tell me what the results are by commenting below.

P.S, if you have your own system that works please share it so that other Teachers can use it as well. Sign up below and share it.

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