How to find good teaching material online

Teaching your students through the books is getting pretty much old in today’s fast forward moving world. It’s hard for the students to carry the books with them which usually makes their bags heavy and becomes difficult for them to carry, so all the students wants to be taught online with some productive aids. In this fast forward moving world teachers should also adapt strategies of using new technologies and methods to teach their students. By doing so teachers also don’t need to carry heavy bags with ledgers and registers, they can simply have a single laptop or an ipad in which they can carry their e-books, they can conduct online tests and exams and even can assign online assignments to their students.

As we know unfortunately the whole world is suffering from a deadly pandemic disease named as corona virus or also known as covid-19. This deadly disease has limit us to our homes, we have to stay at our homes by taking all the precautionary measures. This disease has led to the shutdown of all the businesses as well as the educational institutes. Many of the businesses are gone online, so that their work may not stop and they keep on growing and provide products and services online to the people by using various tools, so that the economy keeps under a go. Same is the case with educational institutes all the schools, colleges and universities were shutdown to control the spread of deadly disease corona virus, but the most important for a nation is human capital. Many countries who have good literacy rate are much worried that how will they teach their students and how all it can be done by staying at home.

The following are some considerations for finding and implementing good online teaching material:

  1. Skype:

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            Skype is considered as one of the best applications for conducting meetings in offices, but now it can be used by teachers to upload the content, share screen with their students and have online sessions any time of the day. It provides the facility of audio and video calls with best audio and picture quality. So there is no investment needed, all you should have is a head phone and a web cam to start teaching online with the help of skype, plus it is a well-known application and has a good brand image, it is available on both play store and app store.


  1. Teams:

             Teams is an application provided by well-known name Microsoft which can easily be accessible as it is present on both app store and play store. Teachers can arrange and schedule their meetings with the students and on that certain time both the teacher and student gets notified about the class session. Both video and voice conference options are available. By these plus points teaching languages is also very easy now. Whole books, articles and assignments can be uploaded by teachers and can be accessed by the students. There is no limit of uploading content. Teachers have a facility to schedule tests and quizzes and teams will mark the online at the time of submission by artificial intelligence. These facilities have helped teachers a lot to explore content for teaching and uploading them for the use of students in long run. Students are free to access that content and contact the teacher in any regard at any time of the day.


  1. Zoom:

           Zoom is somehow similar to the teams, it is also used for online classes and conferencing, though teams is also used for large collaboration meetings. Zoom provides many features to the teachers, to store their data in private mode or public mode depending on their own choice. Teachers have the facility to record the classes for future use for students and for themselves as well. Teachers are the leaders during th zoom meeting they have all the access to mute or unmute any participant. It is a great feature indeed, as in case of any misconduct the organizer, which is the teacher can remove or mute the participant who is creating hindrance. Zoom is installed the most as it is much easy to use and can be adapt by anyone.

All the applications mentioned above have their own advantages and all are easily accessible to everyone, on teams there is a facility for teachers to upload content as much they want, on zoom they can have recorded sessions with the command on the mic of students, though skype is most used for official works but can also be used for voice and video calls by teachers.


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