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    How to start a teaching blog that makes money?

    Blogging is the best way to start earning when you are not in the mood to do a 9-5 job to earn money. The availability of internet services has made it a lot easier for us to stay home and make money for us. There are many fields through which you don’t have to do an office-based job, and blogging is also one option. All you have to do is have a stable internet connection at home, and you can earn money. Making your teaching blog can help you earn money. We know this statement sounds impossible, but we are here to show you how it is possible for you, and how you can adapt it to make money. Without further delay, have a look!


    Step 1: Step up a website:

    The first step is that you have to have a platform for your students to come and read your content to benefit from your knowledge. For this purpose, you need to have a website. You have to purchase a domain and hosting and then build an appropriate education website. It is vital so that you can upload your course about your subject, and the students can find their notes on. That’s why; you have to get a website that will act as a platform to reach your content and courses.

    Setting up a website contains so many crucial things to do, including choosing the best theme for your educational blog, doing SEO of your website to optimize speed, index the website so that Google crawlers can crawl through your pages and rank them on Google so that you can attract more students. Once you are done doing all such things, congrats! You are a step closer to your teaching blog that will help you make money.

    Step 2: Upload content:

    The foremost step is here that needs extra attention. Here, you have to select the subject of your course. If you can teach multiple subjects, you have to create various courses to upload on different website pages. You have to choose if your content will in the form of videos or articles. If your courses are in the form of articles, you have to be more than conscious while writing them. You have to take care of plagiarism and grammar mistakes so that Google can get to know that your content is original. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that Google doesn’t rank a plagiarized document, and thus, you can’t make money with stolen content. So, make sure that the content that you are uploading is organic and originally yours.

    Step 3: Submit website for indexing:

    The next step is to submit the resulting website for indexing. Indexing is a process of thoroughly testing the website to rank it on Google and other search engines. In this process, you request Google to send his crawlers to your website to examine your content and index it in Google. If the crawlers find your website worth ranking, it ranks your website on Google’s pages accordingly. In this way, your website starts showing on Google pages. That’s how you can get more traffic to your website. More people will come to your website, teaching blog and read your content. And then, after some time, Google will start monetizing your blog by showing ads of different brands in your blog.

    Step 4: sell your courses:

    It is an additional step, but you can follow it if you want. The thing is that when your content would start ranking on Google pages, you can also sell your coming course. Like if you can teach more than one subject, you can rank your teaching blog for one website, and when you start getting more traffic on your blog, you can sell your multiple courses to the people. In this way, you can earn money quickly and efficiently, without stepping out of your house.

    Last words:

    It was all about how you can create a teaching blog and make money through it. Research the steps that we mentioned above, follow them, and your monetized teaching blog is no more away from you! do it now and have happy earning!



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    1. I started a teaching blog back in 2020 during the pandemic. My blog helps parents for children with disabilities and helps them learn about the different strategies that they can use at home and also can use at the schools.


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