How to use Padlet to make your lessons standout

In this tutorial, I discuss how to use Padlet to make your distance learning lessons standout. 

Padlet is an online bulletin board like learning and teaching environment where students can have live conversations, showcase their work, and do a lot more.

 In this week’s eslland.com tip, ESL Tate shows you how to use Padlet for online learning. 

You will learn how to setup up a basic lesson, add pictures, enable comments and the basic steps in making the platform fun and engaging for students.

 You will also learn how to create different kinds of boards using the various layouts available to you. 

The possibilities are endless using this platform to increase engagement, participation, and creativity in your classroom.  

Padlet is not the only tool at your disposal; however, make sure you get the 50 tools list for teaching English online: 

  1. 50 tools for teaching English

And use my 20 strategies to make the tools work for you. 

2. 20 Strategies for teaching English

Get the updated PDF with even more tools and strategies for teaching english online.

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I hope these helps in making the online classroom more fun for you and your students. More videos coming soon.

Tate Nanje is an Author and blogger who has been traveling the world since 2009. He teaches English, Business, and Crypto investing. My books on Amazon


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