Need To Know Nightclubs In Korea

Not that it’s hard to meet people in Korea; particularly the opposite sex. But sometimes you just want to getaway from the routine of teaching and home and home and teaching. It gets tedious and a night out just does it sometimes. Here are some need to know nightclubs in Korea.

nightclubs in Korea
Nightlife in Seoul is pretty good but in other cities it can be a bit of a problem. In Yeosu for example where I spent 2 years, there was no real nightclub; at least not in the Western sense. In Busan there are a few but three hours on a bus for a night out got rough. Gwangju was the next and closest option.

Here are some nightclubs you will be sure to have a good time at in Korea.

1. Foxy’s in Busan, Seomyeon neighborhood

2. Ghetto

3. Club Elune Seoul, Haeundae

4. Kino Eye

5. Gorillas

6. Club Spook

7. Club Fix

8. Club Grid

So let go on the weekend and enjoy yourself.

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