7 Reward Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for teachers who prefer to reward than to punish

It is a good feeling when you have designed a lesson and when presenting it the students respond to it well. It reminds you of why you teach.

Everyone is a Teacher

As a teacher, the greatest reward is to see students progress as a result of your teaching. It makes you feel good about yourself. Because teaching is tough and even more so if you are in a completely different country.

Your emotions are heightened because you are in a strange land with many unfamiliar circumstances. In short, you want to give your best and because you are called in Korea or whatever country you are in to teach, your temporary identity is attached to how the students make you feel and how you make them feel. So a bad day is really bad and a good day is really good.

That is why you want to reward your kids because, in turn, they reward you with their participation and occasional unexpected kindness.

There are times you want to punish them when they are misbehaving. In this article, although personally, I prefer to reward than to punish.

Here are some reward ideas for teachers like you.

1. Star system.

This is one of the good reward ideas for teachers because the well behaved or participating student who always does his or her homework ends up here. Essentially, you create a Hollywood wall in your classroom and type each student name on a piece of paper. You can laminate them to reuse. When the student reaches a certain level of recognition determined by you, you can make them star of the day and recognize them in front of the class. Make the star of the week even or whatever you choose to do with it.

2. Stickers.

Many Teachers use this one. It is an immediate recognition for their good deeds. Korean children good crazy for stickers and it is a good way to show them that they are doing well.

3. Candy.

This one can get expensive if not used cautiously. You are here to make and hopefully save some of your money so I would give candy only after an x amount of sticker collection or so.

reward ideas for teachers: candy

4. Best students only party.

They will feel special. We all crave to be special in something, kids even more than adults.

5. Food.

I don’t know why the kids are always hungry. They are always asking me for food or saying peh guk pa (I am hungry).

6. Surprise gift.

Surprise them with a little gift like a pen or something. This keeps the students on guard because they hope to get a surprise too.

7. Send a letter of recognition home.

Kids love attention. lavish them with it when they deserve it and they will return the favor with even better behavior.


Positive reinforcement is always a better route to go to avoid building resentment between you and your students. By reinforcing the good behavior, you are suppressing the bad behavior at the same time. And nothing does this better than rewards. So good luck teaching.

This list is by no means complete. As a result, I ask, how do you reward your students? What works and what doesn’t?

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