4 Tips to Help Your Students Learn English Faster

Help your students learn English faster with these 4 tips.

We learn more when we are children because we are constantly new to things and we are always discovering something new about the world. In other words, there is always something to learn.

Because English is a dynamic language that’s always changing, students can never really learn everything. Not even native speakers are able to learn everything about their own language. That is why it is especially important that your students are as immersed in the language as possible, and to help them do just that, there are ways to employ in your classroom.

learn English faster

Here are 4 tips to help your students learn English faster

1.  Read English stories

Have your students listen to short stories in English. Start with the easy ones and progress as their level improves.

Hagwons do a good job of utilizing this tip and that’s why students who go to a hagwon versus those in public school speak better English on average. A good collection of books for advanced students are Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Now there is a movie for these books it’s even better when teaching them because of the visual reinforcement.

2. Listen to English everyday

Listen to English radio. I once met a taxi driver who spoke English very well. When I asked him how he learned to speak so well, he pointed to his radio. I listened a bit and the station was in English with Korean Teachers explaining the difficult parts. I was very impressed. So have your students listen to English songs, radio like I said, and watch kids show in English.

3. Write down new words

Have your students write down new words they see on billboards and other signs as they go about their day. If they hear a word they don’t know, have them write it down. Make a contest out of it and give a small prize to the student with the most words within a week or so.

4. Keep an English diary

One effective way to help your students learn English faster is to encourage them to keep a diary and have them write about their day at the end of each day to present to your class. Start small in order to build their confidence. Have them start with one sentence, then two, then three the next day and so on and so on. Or give them one question to answer before the next class. In due time, they will be doing it without you even reminding them.

Learning a language is not easy. And it is especially difficult if you are not immersed in the language. Yes it is time consuming to immerse oneself but the benefits are immeasurable. By following these tips, you can help your students learn English faster and easier.

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