Beginners Guide To Passive Income

    Welcome to Tate'sjourney.

    I am glad and grateful that you are here!

    Me and Robert Kiosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) at the 2016 Young Achievers Congress in Dubai.

    Tate and Robert

    At Tate’sjourney, the main goal is to build income and share passive income strategies, keep track of earnings and set goals that help me and hopefully you too, earn more. Every content on this site is meant to motivate you and build a community that supports everyone to seek financial independence.

    Does this sound like you?

    • How do people make money in stocks?
    • How do I begin making passive income?
    • What is the best way to make decent money with crypto?
    • How do I send cryptocurrency from ____ to___?
    • How do I open a brokerage account and start buying stocks?
    • How can I build multiple passive income streams to grow my wealth?
    • Or if you have had other questions about building assets that help you grow your income passively, you are at the right place.

    Here isthe story

    My name is Tate Nanje, I am the founder of Tate’sjourney, part of Inzagy Technologies LLC.

    I started Tatesjourney in 2009 while searching for what to do after graduating college a year earlier. Since I came from a middle-class family that moved from Cameroon to the United States, I grew up watching my mother and father work and tire themselves out everyday.

     I wanted to take a different path for myself. I had their work ethic but I wanted to know how to also make my money work like my friend’s parents seemed to be doing.

    My friends and their families vacationed every summer while I worked summer jobs at Burger King or for Coca Cola in the metro Atlanta area where I grew up.

    I wanted to travel, to learn, to live where I want without worrying about or stressing about money. And to do these things, I needed money.

    To put it simply, I wanted to learn and hopefully teach others how money really worked.

    Remember that book, The Richest Man in Babylon? (aff link - if you haven't read it, it's a must read) This was the kind of advice I needed. It was advice on money for people like me and you.

    I say this because a lot of money books are not relevant to people like me and you. Why is that, because most of them teach us what not to do with money rather than how and what we can do to grow our money:

    They are about not doing things  – not buying this, not going on vacation and save and wait until you are 65 then you can use what you have saved meh, not for me and I think not for you either.  

    They are too confusing – PE ratios, CD accounts, Money markets, 401(K)s IRA’s, FSAs, estate taxes and so much more jargon gets your head spinning.

    No one was talking about passive income models or multiple income streams – and how to make your money work for you so that you don’t have to work yourself to death for money.

    While teaching English in S. Korea, I really got into learning about money and how to manage it. This knowledge helped me tremendously when I began my Masters degree in Business as well as when discussing finances with some of the gurus in the industry.

    But as anyone without the practical knowhow, I also lost a lot of money in that time investing in the stock market.

    I lost around 20-40k, why, I was impatient and didn’t know enough at the time. The important thing is that, I didn’t quit.

    Fast forward to today. I have made passive income generation a pass time for myself. My teaching English journey (which allowed me to build the capital needed) led me to the UAE, and I made my base in Dubai for now.

    During that journey of researching and doing, I have helped people invest in Airbnb as a passive income source, taught covered call strategies, investing in rental cars and I have written several e-books and courses that will find here showing not just what I have done but also what I am doing because I want this site to be like a guiding post for you to also reach your passive income goals.

    Again welcome, let's build wealth, together!