What are the best webcams for teaching English online?

Online English teachers can escape inconveniences and stress by restraining the use of poor webcams. When an online teacher is purchasing the right webcam for their job, they should be aware of things such as the difference between the quality that inbuilt camera presents as compared to that of dedicated web cameras. So in this article, we take a look at some of the best webcams for teaching English online.

Advantages of dedicated webcams over in-built webcam
Built-in webcams are characterized by inflexibility, especially when there’s a need to adjust the view when susceptible to light or sunlight. While some offer high definition videos, they still lack location and design.

On the other hand, dedicated webcams aren’t limited to space and can adjust according to diverse lighting situations, while still being affordable. An online teacher can thus get a cost-friendly dedicated webcam with features that will enhance his or her teaching experience. In this article, we suggest webcams that have features that best suit online English teaching.

1. The Logitech C922

This is a high performing and best-priced webcam. It records at 1080p and has excellent audio. It is suited for online teachers as it has a wide field of view, more vibrant colors, clearer, and crispy videos, and improved performance while on low light to help those morning classes look better.

It is a camera that is a massive improvement as compared to any integrated webcam as it enables a user to perform more than is the case with integrated webcams.

  • It is designed for working professionals and, most specifically, for online teachers.
  • It has improved video clarity, colors, lowlight performance, among others.


    • The price can be a con. While the camera isn’t that expensive, it costs a bit more than a standard webcam.

Get the Logitech C922

2. Logitech C270

The Logitech C270 is a very affordable webcam. It is much better than integrated webcams as it features a better low light performance and broader angle. It has been in the market for quite some time and is known to have some compatibility problems with windows 10. While it is a cheap option, the webcam has its drawbacks.

  • Performs better in low light that the inbuilt webcam


    • When recording, the video tends to be a bit cropped.
    • It is known not to work well with windows 10
    • Records at 720p which is similar to your integrated webcam

Get the logitech C270

3. Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam

This camera is the main competitor and alternative to the Logitech C922. Comparatively, while Logitech has a more natural color profile, the Razer Kiyo features an inbuilt LED light, which teachers find quite helpful. This is the best choice for a teacher looking for a webcam that can record in 1080p and features an in-built LED.

  • Records in 1080p
  • Has a built-in LED that brightens your face


    • Its colors aren’t as vibrant as the C920.
    • While it quality, it is a bit expensive.

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam

4. Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000

Microsoft is famous for making a variety of quality accessories, that are rather affordable, the Lifecam HD 3000 is no different. It is a wide-angle webcam that is perfectly compatible with windows. It is better than the inbuilt webcam as it features better low light performance and wide-angle of view.


  • It is from Microsoft and thus is seamlessly compatible with windows 10.
  • It features a wide-angle


    • IT records at 720P.

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5. Logitech Brio

The Logitech Brio is a 4K webcam. 4K is a video size that is near the 1080P format. The webcam features, facial recognition, autofocus and is capable of recording 4k at 30 frames a second or 1080p at 30-60 frames per second.

It also has built-in dual mics and thus suitable for audio. It has a 5x digital zoom and a wide-angle lens. While it is a feature-rich webcam, it is a bit expensive and ideal for professional use. It is one of the best webcams available in the market currently.


  • Feature excellent audio and video quality
  • Has a wide-angle field of view
  • Has 4k recording capabilities
  • Features outstanding low light capabilities


    • It has a heft price tag but won’t break your wallet

Get the Logitech Brio

6. Vitade 1080P Streaming Cam

The Vitade 1080P Streaming Cam is a notch higher from your internal webcam. It features an inbuilt LED and is still affordable.

This is a dedicated webcam that features a wide field of view, excellent picture quality, and enhanced lighting. While it is designed for streaming online gamers, the camera is also a perfect option for online teaching.


  • It has an inbuilt light.
  • Features 1080p recording


    • The device has a low built quality making it feel fragile and cheap.
    • Doesn’t have a wide-angle.

Get the Vitade 1080P Streaming Cam

7. Besteker 920C and Growfast 1080p/1536p

Because these two webcams have identical specifications, they are reviewed together. They feature a high resolution, streaming, and recording at 1536p.

However, it is essential to note that the quality and resolution are also affected by your internet’s bandwidth and the application you are using during the video call. Both Besteker and Growfast are, however, a good choice and can be focused manually by adjusting a ring on the camera.


  • Are plug and play
  • Have a 360-degree maneuverability


    • Are manually focused and can be a challenge for teachers who have to need to move around.

Get the Besteker 920C and Growfast 1080p

8. Jelly Comb 1080P Webcam

This is a better alternative to the Logitech C920. It features a well-built webcam that provides 1080P recording, automatic light adjustment, excellent audio, and a broad-angle lens. It is also a plug and play camera and doesn’t require much download of drivers.


  • Its plug and play


    • While it has all the features of the C922, its colors and video quality are not as sharp as the C922.

Jelly Comb 1080P Webcam

Final thoughts

This article has selected the best webcam options that are available for online teachers. While each has its features some better than others, we would suggest online teachers go for the Logitech C920 as it features great performance at a reasonable price.

The Razer Kiyo is also not that bad, mainly because it has an inbuild Led. However, it is up to you as an online teacher to go for the features and price you consider most appealing.

Nevertheless, getting an appropriate webcam even when you got a laptop with an integrated webcam is a good idea as the dedicated webcams are more suited for professional use. On the other hand, the internal webcam is intended for users to chat with friends and family.Bottom, if you and the material you present to be crisp then you know the choice to make.

Which camera do you use, built or or another brand we didn’t review? Leave a comment below.

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